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21 Sep 2021
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Specification of Large Bags and Jumbo Bag Sacks Surabaya

PT. Kawan Baru Sejahtera is a factory that manufactures selling Jumbo Bag packaging, 1 ton 2 tons, the largest supplier in Indonesia.

Large Bags and Jumbo Bag Sacks are large bags with strength and a capacity of 1000 kilos to 2000 kilos to accommodate the needs of plantation, mining and industrial manufacturers. Many are used to transport goods both domestically and abroad in large scale. Production and selling jumbo bags, the best selling prices, various choices, cheap directly from the factory.

At PT. Your Prosperous Comrade You will be convinced of the highest quality packaging supplies that are appropriate for your products and business. You will find our customer support second to none. Our commitment to innovation through engineering techniques offers an important component for optimizing your specifications. We will offer value-added partnerships at competitive prices.

types of large bags and sack jumbo bags

A. Large Bag and Jumbo Bag Standard Bag / Jumbo A (Regular FIBC)
Jumbo Bag Standard / FIBC standard used by industries that fill and issue products without static problems

Safe to use for:
Transport and store non-flammable products,
Non-flammable or gas present around Jumbo bag.

Don't use to:
Transport flammable products,
If it is flammable or gas is present around jumbo bag.

B. Large Bags and Jumbo Bag Type B Sacks Anti Static / Jumbo B Anti-static Bag
Jumbo B Anti-static This bag is made from ordinary PP fabric by adopting a special technique to keep the fabric damaged, the voltage is less than 6 kv according to IEC 61340 standard 4-4.

Safe to use for:
Transporting flammable powder
Non-flammable or gas present around jumbo bag

Don't use to:
If flammable or gas is present around the bag

C. Large Bags and Jumbo Bag Sacks Type C Conductive bag
Jumbo Bag Type C / Jumbo Type C Conductive is made of fine conductive yarn produced using the most modern technology to achieve the best conductive properties. Conductive threads are woven into the fabric by using special looms with additional paste during the weaving process. During on-line production inspection ensure all properties remain in control such as tensile, elongation, insulation values ​​etc. Conductive fabrics are cut according to different sizes and bags are made using conductive interconnects. The thread is shared with the earth tab, with leak resistance from any point of conductive fabric structure until the grounding point is less than 108 ohms.

D. Large Bags and Jumbo Bag Sacks Type D / Jumbo Stat (Dissipative Bag)
Every Jumbo bag is made very carefully, by trained personnel to attend the perfect Dissipative properties and these bags are often tested according to IEC / ISO 61340- 4 standards by well-known Laboratories to ensure maximum safety during use.

Jumbo bags are made with special IDP coatings. The layer is permanent and the moisture is independent. This layer helps reduce usage during filling and discharging, because of the material's ability to neutralize load separation, prevent fire blackouts, propulate dirt brushes because of the material's ability to eliminate release phenomena, reduce electrostatic fields from fabric surfaces, due to ionizing charges.

Safe to use for:
Transport flammable powder
If flammable or gas is present around the bag

Don't use to:
If the surface is contaminated or coated with conductive materials such as water or fat

E. UN Bags - Jumbo Safe
Reliable Transportation for Dangerous Goods
Transporting dangerous goods is regulated to prevent injury to people, harm the environment and damage material. Jumbo Bag has trained staff and advanced engineering equipment to design and produce quality FIBC UN in accordance with international regulations for transportation by sea, train and highway. Our technicians are well trained in procedures and regulations regarding the transportation of dangerous goods. Jumbo UN FIBCs are tested with Safe Working Loads (SWL) ranging from 500 kg to 2000 kg.

F. Large Bags and Sacks Jumbo Container Liners
Container Liners are made using PP laminated fabric, providing an inlet, outlet along with air ventilation based on customer needs. These container linings are also custom made by providing hooks, velcros, attachments etc. to help with filling & disposal activities. They are also made completely free of contamination and each liner is cleaned before packing.

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